Falcon Express, Inc.
The Falcon Quality Process

Consistently exceeding customer expectations through:

  • The Customer Communication Committee
    Terminal Manager, Dispatch, Clerks and Sales

  • Major Accounts Terminal Reps

  • Service Matrix
    100% Commitment to On-Time Service

  • Computer Billing & Re-check
    100% Commitment to Error-free Billing

  • Zero Damage Claims
    100% Commitment to Claims-free Services

  • Zero Accidents & Workmen's Comp
    100% Commitment to Driver Safety Awareness

  • Terminal Customer Service
    Comprehensive Follow-up to New, Endangered, Regained or Lost Accounts

  • Fleet Upgrade Priority
    Increased Capability, Reduced Maintenance & Lost Time

  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) Priority
    100% Commitment to Systems Monitoring and Information Gathering
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