Falcon Express, Inc.

    Falcon Express, Incorporated (A Sub-Chapter S Corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) was founded in 1982, to meet the demands of a changing Industry. Falcon's President, Victor Marano, represents over half a century of experience and expertise in the transportation industry. Many of Falcon's original employees are still with the firm today.

In 1983, Falcon Express, Inc. was granted Operating Authority by the Interstate Commerce Commission, under Certificate Number MC-164199. The primary operating areas include the States of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Company maintains Terminal Facilities in Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD. This provides a wide network of facilities for seamless operations between origin and destination.

Falcon Express is an U. S. Customs Bonded Drayman and Cartman thereby authorized, insured and licensed to transport "In Bond" shipments.

The Company Information Systems utilize the latest technologies available to accommodate data requirements of customers. Falcon Express, Inc. is an EDI trading partner on the GEIS network exchanging documents such as delivery orders and freight bills, providing for speedy, paperless, and accurate correspondence with customers.

The Company employs a full time Director of Safety & Compliance plus assistant. Our safety programs have received outstanding reviews from both Insurance Carriers and the Department of Transportation Examiners, resulting in the highest attainable DOT rating of "SATISFACTORY". Falcon Express has had the same property/casualty insurance carrier since 1991.

Through the years, the Company's philosophy has remained true to its mission of total dedication to safety and customer service. As part of this commitment, Falcon Express maintains an inventory of owned chassis, most of which can accommodate any size containers and combinations. This insures timely pick-up and delivery at various port locations and provides that extra margin of safety.

The Company also owns and maintains its own fleet of power equipment that guarantees the timely delivery customer cargo.

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